Best AI Essay Writer

AI has revolutionized the way we think about writing. AI essay writers are computer programs that use complex algorithms to generate essays on a wide range of topics. These AI essay writers can produce essays that are well-researched, coherent, and persuasive. But what's the best AI Essay Writer to use? Let's compare ChatGPT, Jasper, and EssayPal!


ChatGPT is the most popular tool here. Its ability to do whatever it is instructed to do is unmatched. But is it the best for essay writing? ChatGPT is powerful, it can generate entire essays at the click of a button. But the thing is, you shouldn't let an AI generate an entire essay for you. If you do that, it defeats the whole purpose of writing the essay since you're not learning anything. Another problem with generating an entire essay with AI is that it produces a suface level analysis of the topic. Furthermore, you run the risk of your essay being detected by an AI detection tool.


Jasper is another popular AI writing tool used by copywriters and bloggers. It is optimized for long-form SEO content. However, this tool might not be ideal for students because it is quite expensive since it offers so many features that a student would not need. If you already have a Jasper subscription or you do some form of copywriting or blogging, then Jasper would be the perfect tool for your Essays.


EssayPal is an AI writing assistant that can complete your sentences/paragraphs in your style of writing. It is not designed to generate entire articles or essays for you, it's just your writing assistant that helps get you past the dreaded blinking cursor. It is ideal for writing Essays since:

  1. It doesn't generate the entire essay

  2. Mimics your writing style

  3. Has an affordable premium plan at only $3/month

To conclude, ChatGPT is perfect for general researching and experimenting with AI, Jasper is perfect for copywriters and bloggers, and EssayPal is perfect for writing essays.